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QUAQUENOCTE [23 Jan 2007|08:29pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


It's nearly pitch-black out tonight, far too cloudy to even show the moon. You know you shouldn't have spent so long hanging out with your friends, but they're persuasive and you lost track of time. That's fine, though. You don't live that far away.

But then, you start to get an eerie feeling. It's a lot like that strange itch you get when someone's been staring at you for too long, only ten times worse. It makes you shiver, despite the mild night. When you look around, there's no one there. No one except some bag lady wandering slowly down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, and you doubt that she could see anything through that big hat.

You keep going, but the feeling doesn't go away. In fact, you could swear that it intensifies. You're jittery, now, and you even start walking faster, eager to get home and go to sleep and forget about the weird feeling completely.

There's no warning when it happens. One moment, nothing's wrong, the next you've been shoved out of a streetlamp's light and into the gloom. You stumble back and hit a wall, having no time to react before something's pinning you down, and all your struggling does nothing to move your attacker. There's just enough light to see a silhouette, tangled hair framed by a big, ugly hat. It's the bag lady from before, but since when was an old woman this strong?

Then you hear a hiss, and see a brief reflection of light off of exposed fangs.

Your body isn't found until early the next morning.

Further InformationCollapse )
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HOROHORO ICONS~ [09 Dec 2006|08:21pm]

[ mood | drained ]

[24] naruto
[16] d.n. angel
[12] rurouni kenshin
[11] beyblade
[8] cardcaptor sakura
[8] gundam seed/destiny
[5] shaman king
x4 horohoro

[4] pokemon
[4] air tv
[2] teen titans
[2] dirge of cerberus
[5] miscelleanous

[100] total

(vastfield of coltsfoot. ♥)
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We need a Horo! [08 Oct 2006|01:47am]

Survival RPG. You (as your favorite char from ) wake up in the crazy house where they try to tell you are nuts for believing to be who you are, and they call you by a "real" name. Maybe you wouldn't mind it so much if at night the place didn't shift into a nightmarish landscape from which there doesn't really seem to be a way out.

Please join? Apps are open, and I’d really like some new charas….


(Hao, Yoh and Manta are taken...)
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ShamanKing_RPG [16 Apr 2006|07:21pm]
Hey guys, just wanted to see if any of you would like to join the Shamanking RPG, hentai and yaoi accepted! It's just started up so there is only two members ^^


I love Horohoro too!
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Papa-san?! [16 Nov 2005|06:38pm]

Hi. My name's Gumby and I just recently joined since I love Horox2 and, lo and behold, this is a Horo community. I actually have a quick request.

If anyone has a scan of Horo's father, would they mind posting it? I can't find any pictures of him anywhere that I look. What chapter and volume does he appear in? I know why he comes and what he teaches Horo, but that's about the extent of my knowledge.

Also, does anyone remember a site on MSN (or Yahoo, but I think MSN) that had many Shaman King Scans? If you know it, could you post it? I seem to have deleted my favorites and that was one of the best resources for Shaman King scans that didn't require downloading.
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Hi [13 Sep 2005|08:18pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hiya! I'm Alicia, or here I'm called Itako Anna-Chan! Anyways I of course am a HoroHoro fan! I just love his dream and what he believes in, plus his sister is funny like him at times. I always laugh at him and Ren's little argueements.

I know this post is extremely short but I wanted to at least go by the rules and intorduce myself, so yeah. Well, I guess I'll see you around than. Bye bye.

~Itako Anna-Chan

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De-lurking entry [28 Jun 2005|11:28pm]

[ mood | Hello! ]

Hello there! My name's Maki. I am de-lurking because my love for Horohorois revived. What I liked about him? Hmmm, let's see, his very cool personality, and his power which is related to the snow/to winter... and winter is my favorite season. I know that IS shallow but I don't care. For Shaman King pairings, I like the following:

1.) Yoh/Anna
- Of course, no one could ever contradict the most canon pairing of the series.
2.) Horo/Anna
- I like it MORE than YohAnna, well in fact it's my MOST FAVORITE pairing. I know it's crack and very proofless, but yeah, imagination is free, right? XD Please don't kill me, guys!
3.) Horo/Ren
- I don't know... I don't like Shaman King yaoi in general, but... there's something about them. Perhaps it's the cat and dog relationship and quarrels. *shrugs*
4.) Horo/Pirika
- Once again, don't kill me! *weeps and pleads* If only they weren't siblings, then they could be one of the sweetest pairings Shaman King ever had. *nods*
5.) Horo/Tamao
- Winter and Spring... ain't that a nice thing? Wait, it rhymed. XD

Click here for giveaways.Collapse )

More power to this community... and please keep this community active because it'd be a waste. :)

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[23 May 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | In Love with Horohoro ]


Omfg! I finally found a Horhoro fan community! Eeee! >_< Horohoros sooo friggin cute! Anyways..I just joined and I was wondering if you have any Horhoro Iocns youd like to share? Ill give you credit. I always do. Okay. *erm* My names Kat. Im a 14 year old girl who lives in Alaska and loves to be very creative! Ive been obsessing over Horo-sama for 2 years and I know plenty about him. I love the color green and blue and I made my own horohoro head band yesterday. If I only had a web cam..I could show you guys. ;__; Im wearing it right now. Im wierd..lol. Well. Just wanted to say I joined! And if you have any Horohoro icons youd like to share..please post 'em here. Ill give you credit!

I also want to show you my horohoro fan-art! Look inside to see it!

The uber cool Horohoro! *blush*Collapse )

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Hi [26 Mar 2005|06:51pm]

[ mood | HoroHoro is here! ]

Hello. I'm Sevetenks (on FF.net, full name: Sevetenks, the Ultimate F). Horo Horo is one of my favorite male characters in the series, and I like to write fanfics and stuff... Is this a good enough intro?

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Chiharu [05 Mar 2005|02:50pm]

Hi, I'm Chiharu, adminstration of mankinrp. I love everything mankin, especially Horohoro. I'm kinda new, but lives for anything Horokue. ^_^ I'm also the webmistress of Believe. .
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A Possible Shaman King RP! [17 Oct 2004|10:08pm]

Please vote on what you think about this RP idea!

:D Thank you for your consideration.

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Hao and Horo~! [17 Oct 2004|03:10pm]

I really like this (kind-of) old picture of Hao and Horo. It's two weeks old by now or something. Uh. It's colorful. People who have seen it on devart and shezart need not to click!Collapse )

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[08 Oct 2004|11:48pm]
Hey guys! Just your friendly neighborhood moderator passing through! ^_^

I apologize that this really has nothing to do with HoroHoro himself, although my buddy Garnet is looking for some people that would volunteer for oversoul_rp. Now, we're not taking just anybody. We've had too many people in our group who have had no idea what they were doing, and it's caused our RP to slow down dramatically. I've typed out some rules for the RP, but since Garnet hasn't posted them yet, I'll list them here for now.

Rules/GuidelinesCollapse )

Thanks for reading!
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[05 Oct 2004|08:29pm]


Twenty Themes for Shaman King Challenge.

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Something borrowed... [05 Oct 2004|05:32am]

[ mood | awake ]

Like, woot...I spent the last 5 hours on this, then couldn't figure out how to polish it... This song fits Ren to Horo to a T...Like, perfectly...

SO, posting this in shatter and ainu, since it's both of them...

HORO/REN foh-ever... ^^;; Im such a nerd...

OMG...Hororen!? Click.Collapse )

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Nihao Shamans! [04 Oct 2004|01:11am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

lol ok thats a dumb title, Just wanted to say "HI!"; I'm new to the community if you couldn't tell, umm Horo Horo is my favorite character and I think snow kicks ass...so um yea if that doesn't scream raving fanguy then jeez I dunno what does (sarcasm) ^^*



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Fwee, more fanart! [04 Oct 2004|03:04am]

....sleep deprivation WILL do this to you...

man, I gotta stay awake more often.

Striptease for me baby...Collapse )
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Some icons! [03 Oct 2004|08:13pm]

[ mood | Yay! ]

Some icons. :D;;; Not ALL HoroHoro, but most of them are. I'm posting up all of them because it's faster since I posted this in Mankin Yaoi first. Anyhow, like I said: mostly HoroHoro, some RenHoro or HoroRen, whichever you prefer. Chocolove's in a few, and there's a Yoh one. XD

Simple icons, not the graphic heavy kinds.


WOW SO MANY!Collapse )

These were fun. :D


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[30 Sep 2004|12:17am]

[ mood | Whee! ]


I put him in a skirt because I wanted to give him a kilt but gave up and threw a skirt. Don't worry he's wearing jeans under it, I'm not into that kind of stuff. O_o;;;;

Here's a colored sketch of Chakra & Oversoul. :3 Naruto and HoroHoro! God I wish Oversoul didn't die. >_> I miss those days when I spent hours chatting on the forum about stupid stuff with "Oversoul." Hahahahaha good times. Ah well.

Click!Collapse )

:D I had fun with this one!


[kau kau puriwenpe!]

um..teaser? [24 Sep 2004|04:03am]

I haven't plugged any art here...SO... *wee teaser image for the doujinshi she's getting soon...Oh yesh... >D*

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